Blancpain Classic Series Villeret Men’s Automatic Watch

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Blancpain🐻Classic series, landmark legend

There is no doubt about the strength of watchmaking
This functional watch comes from Blancpain’s classic series
As one of the three traditional complications in the watchmaking world
Its emergence is another milestone legend in the watch industry

The 42 mm diameter stainless steel case with double bezel design is a major feature of Blancpain’s classic design.

There are four function dials on the dial
Can display date, week, month and moon phase functions respectively
The small dials are arranged in an orderly manner
It inherits the iconic dial layout of the brand’s traditional complex function watches.

The unique hollow willow leaf pointer can be called the aesthetic symbol of the Blancpain Villeret classic series and is unforgettable. The production process of the hollow willow leaf pointer is extremely cumbersome and the entire process is made by hand. The hollow parts of the hour and minute hands are created through a cutting process, which requires extremely delicate and years of skills to be formed in one go. If you are not careful, all your previous efforts will be wasted. After cutting, it is glued to a special bracket and ground and polished one by one.
What supports the complex functions of the watch is a powerful “core”. It successfully restored all functions of Blancpain Cal.5954 automatic winding movement and ensured stability.

For mechanical timepieces, it is a huge challenge for watchmakers to be able to judge and identify complex calendars through ingenious mechanical structures.
Fully devoted to research and development to reproduce Blancpain classics, so stay tuned

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