Dior 30 Montaigne Brown Montaigne bag For women CD-1001



Dior 30 Montaigne♥️Brown Montaigne bag
“Comes with original box with internal code”
Inspired by Dior since its founding in 1947,
The entire bag shape is based on the contemporary popular retro style.
Symbolizing women’s freedom and the neat era.
The logo snap design alone allows you to flip the cover elegantly with one hand.
Presenting Dior’s ultimate fine craftsmanship
There are small mezzanines on both sides inside.
There is also a large mezzanine behind the relief on the back.
In addition to adjusting the length of the strap,
It can also be completely detached and used as a clutch.
Versatile and practical model: CD-1001 cowhide



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