Patek Philippe Collection 5153 Series Automatic Watch for Men


  • The new model is produced by “Xin”
    Collection piece – Patek Philippe Classic 5153 series watch
    Arriving elegantly【Wonderful details】
    Watch size 38mm
    1. The automatic top is upgraded to adopt Swiss ultra-precision bearings and an unprecedented top-mounting technology in the industry. The movement has been strictly controlled by professional QC, and its travel time meets the Observatory travel time standard. Each watch has a travel time of less than 10 seconds and achieves 100% noise reduction.
    2. Case polishing: In order to pursue the warm and jade-like effect of genuine products, watchmakers polish the watch carefully and work slowly and carefully.
    3. The connection mechanism between the dust cover and the casing has a crisp feel comparable to genuine products.
    4. The scales and hands are treated with the latest precious metal plating process, and the effect is even better.
    5. “Pot lid type” slightly convex sapphire watch mirror, the shape is consistent with the original product, the effect is transparent, and the time can be clearly judged.
    6. The movement has been newly upgraded, and has been stamped with precious metal stamps by professional masters in three-dimensional specifications, making it clear and vivid!
  • It adopts a customized version of Cal.324 movement, which is more stable and more like. The most important thing is that the degree of simulation has skyrocketed.
    7. [Strap] Classic Italian calfskin strap with clear texture and good texture. Paired with the top Patek Philippe lantern clasp on the market, it is elegant and timeless, timeless and classic, low-key and perfect, a gentleman in the watch 🔥Top-level product with constant quality🔥
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gold, silver, rose gold


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