Rolex Datejust Series 41MM automatic watch for men


[VR Factory2023 Wall Crack Recommendation, a sincere work, a tribute to the classics]
The top replica version on the market
Rolex Datejust Watch Series 41MM
Create a classic watch model
Equipped with 3235 movement all-in-one machine with 72 hours power reserve, it is not a common version in the market.
In terms of material, the overall material is made of 904L fine steel. The curvature on the side of the case is polished in place, and the thickness of the side is consistent with the original.
The classic dog tooth ring, the platinum (electroplating) ring mouth presents a radiant light effect that is infinitely close to the original version.
The triangular pit pattern is clean and neat.
The watch mirror is made of real sapphire crystal glass
Increased watch transparency
Also treated with anti-glare technology
It is very convenient to read watch data and has high hardness.
The only synchronous original thickness in the market is 11.5MM!
VR Factory2023 creates classic and ingenious masterpieces
Welcome all cousins to taste it.

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